Registered Dietitian: 

Isabel Schutte-Goldacre

Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNA USA)
BSc in Dietetics ( US)

In addition to my degree in Dietetics I am:

  • Accredited as an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner
  • Accredited by DNAlysis as a Practitioner in Nutrigenomics
  • Trained in the therapeutic use of nutritional supplements
  • Trained to use the functional medicine approach to treat patients holistically
  • Trained to perform functional testing

I am registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as well as the Association for Dietetics of South Africa (ADSA)

I see a wide variety of conditions and have a special interest in Nutrigenomics, Insulin resistance and gut disorders.


To help you achieve optimal health through targeted nutrition, supplementation and physical activity.


To equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools in order to unlock your potential for a thriving life. Your health is your wealth!


Services & Areas of Expertise

Personalized medicine and -nutrition involve gathering data of each individual patient through specific tests or assessments and using this data to formulate specific and individualized recommendations, meal plans and targeted supplementation based on your genetic make-up.

Nutrigenomics is the study of the interaction between our genes and our environment (nutrition and health) and how they influence each other. It helps us to understand how the food you choose to eat can influence your gene expression (turn them on or off). As well as how targeted supplementation can influence these genes and ultimately support them.


First Consultation

Consultations are like people, individualized. The duration, what is covered and how many sessions are needed depends on the situation and the individual`s specific goals or medical condition.

Generally, the first consultation is an hour long and the following is covered:

  • Anthropometrics- Weight, height and measurements, this helps to identify altered body composition patterns.
  • Biomarkers-This uncovers nutrition insufficiencies and physiological patterns linked to clinical imbalances.
  • Genetics- See Genetic testing and gene specific diets
  • Diet, nutrition, lifestyle factors- This is a subjective assessment including nutrient assessments, medical and diet history, physical activity and stress levels as well as cravings and habitual foods.
  • Setting specific goals, discussing an approach and giving you personalised recommendations.

Follow Up Consultations

The amount of sessions needed depends on the situation and personal preference. Follow up consultations include weigh in`s, progress tracking, repeat biochemical testing and changes in approach or goal setting if needed. These consultations generally last 30-60min.

When it comes to diet... there is simply no one-size fits all.


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Contact Details

Email: isabel@zoeticdietitians.co.za
Phone: 072 487 4196


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